Saturday, September 22, 2012

Real Estate Investors: How to Write Attention Grabbing Newspaper Ads to Attract Motivated Sellers

Here are some suggestions for creating attention grabbing headlines for a newspaper ad:

"Sell your house as-is for a fair price on the date of your choice."

"A free report reveals how to sell your home in seven days."

"Do you want a quick sale, fair price, no hassle? We buy houses."

"Discover how you can sell your house in the next seven days."

Here's a classic one:

"Warning, if you wait, you might lose what you could have now. We buy houses in seven days."

"Would you like a sold house in the next seven days?"

"Secrets to making your next mortgage payment."

"Home won't sell? This time next month you could have your house sold."

"Cash. I will buy your house in seven days for cash."

"Avoid being a victim of another expired listing." This is obviously earmarked for expired listings.

"Sell your house as is for top cash in 14 days or less."

"Seller shocked by home not selling. Free report reveals how to sell your home in the next seven days. Get cash so you can move on."

Those are literally, in many cases, the headline and the body of the ad. After that, you simply would put a phone number, your phone number if you want, or your voicemail recorded phone number with box. You might say, "1-800 blah, blah, extension 105," and/or you could put your website.

Typically I would put the phone number with the extension and the website. That gives the person two options to respond. I think that's enough. If they're interested, they'll clearly figure it out. If they're computer savvy, they might go to the computer. If they just want to reach out to you, if there's a real sense of urgency, typically they're going to call.

I will put this piece of paper with about 30 different ads that I've used on the website so you've got that. Also, as part of this, I'm going to upload a one-page sheet of paper that I used many, many times. It's kind of my cheat sheet for how to develop headlines, powerful headlines, how to use words in the headlines that are powerful.

There are 10 words that you should all know that are a part of your headline. On this sheet are those 10 words. You need to incorporate those into your headlines. There are about a dozen or so what I call "headline starters." I'll just read those off to you. This is the way you would start your headline in terms of newspaper ads or some of the other things we'll be doing.

Headline starters include:

- Announcing - How-to...
- 17 ways to... (could be 3 ways, 5 ways...)
- An amazing...
- A little secret...
- The secret of...
- At last..
- Now....
- Now at last... (put the two together)
- Here... (you're going to combine another one) -
- Here are 17 ways to...
- The art of...
- The startling fact about...
- New... (new is always a very good headline)

Particularly in a newspaper ad, where you don't have a lot of space, you have to have a very powerful headline. Again, always test. If you put your newspaper ad out there and you don't get any calls the first couple of weeks, it's one of two things.

One, it's the wrong newspaper. The way to figure that out is, are there other real estate investors advertising in that paper? If there are other real estate investors advertising in the paper, it's a good indication that's it probably working. If you're the only real estate investor in that paper, maybe it's an indication for whatever reason that paper is not going to cater to potential sellers.

Obviously, think that through a little bit. Use these various tools that I'm giving you in terms of crafting your headlines to make sure they've very powerful. Again, test, test and test.

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