Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grant Money Funds Worthy Causes

There are thousands of programs in place offering low interest loans, and in many case, free money that never has to be repaid. These grants are designated dollars to fund many of different causes.

Grant money comes from corporations and large companies, private foundations and from you. That's right; a portion of each tax dollar you pay goes into various funds that are returned to the public in the form of grants and low- interest loans.

Every year, the US government gives away hundreds of billions of dollars to entrepreneurs and small business owners, homeowners, students and anyone who has a legitimate need and simply asks.

Simple isn't exactly the right term, however. In the end that is what it comes down to, but there is quite an elaborate process of acquiring grant dollars.

First there's the search. As I mentioned, there are thousands of granting programs to weed through and each one has its own specific guidelines and requirements. Some grants are specifically for students in low-income households, possibly based on ethnicity or course of study or all three.

Some grants are available to women who want to start a business, and may be broken down into the type of business, the age of the woman and other very specific criteria. Other grants are available to anyone wishing to start a business but are specific to the type of business, the amount of jobs that it will make available, the area that it may benefit, etc.

There are thousands of research teams, often universities that make good use of these valuable monetary gifts to improve some aspect of our existence from environmental research and preservation, to understanding and finding cures to diseases, to improving the technology that allows us to care for the ill and further explore our planet and beyond.

Across the country, good will is promoted through agencies that house the homeless, feed the hungry and protect the battered. These non-profit agencies extend the reaches of our nation and share what time and wealth they can with individuals and families all over the world.

They can range from small clubs that provide afterschool activities for kids to feeding and educating communities in foreign countries. There are so many causes in need of funding to make the world a better place. Non-profit organizations see to the assistance of the less fortunate and ensure the appropriate dispersal of funds.

With such a wide variety of causes, and such an immense amount of endowments, one could spend months and months trying to zero in on the appropriate funding for the basis of their plight.

Once the funding organization has been located, there is the application process and the writing of the grant proposal. Each grantor has their specifications for applicants. Making sure that you or your organization will even qualify can be tricky.

There are companies that exist to assist with this process and often have experienced writers to help with the grant proposals.

A grant proposal consists of who, what, why, where, when and how. Skilled writers will know in terms of the granting agency where to emphasize and what information is imperative to draw attention to you and your request.

Understanding the world of grants can offer a tremendous advantage. At times, you may be one of several hundred requesting the same funds. Unfortunately, the funds are limited and granting review panels must allocate according to need and importance.

Sometimes there are so many worthy causes and key indicators such as a well thought and carefully executed business plan can carry a lot of weight in decision making. Knowing where to accentuate is what gives grant writers the upper hand.

In addition to their fluent inscription, their understanding of the enormous world of grants helps them dominate for their clients. Anyone considering seeking out endowments would be doing themselves and their organizations a huge favor by enlisting in a team of experts to smooth the progress of obtaining financial support.

Grants are there for those who need them but you'll never get them if you don't ask. Professionals can not only help you find the right funds, but offer an advantage of proficient expertise that might otherwise elude you and your chances of attaining the money that will bring your dream to reality.

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