Thursday, May 31, 2012

Capitalisation Rate In Real Estate And How To Calculate It

Capitalisation rate is the percentage figure used to find out the current value of a property based on a figure of future net operating income. When divided with the capitalization rate, the net operating income of a real estate property will provide the approximate market value of the property.

When determining the capitalization rate of a property, the rates applied to real estate properties of the same nature sold most recently is used. When determining the capitalization rate, the sales value of an asset sold most recently is divided by the income it generates decisions. This provides a more objective way of valuing real estate properties which can be used not only by the seller but also by the buyer alike. It will assist the seller get the right piece for his investment while the buyer prospective buyer will use it to make informed decisions as to whether or not the value of the property is properly estimated.
This acts as a good base for estimating the value of income generating real estate properties when buying or selling. By looking at the sales price and income of other related properties located in similar environment, you can come up with an acceptable capitalization rate that will enable you determine the value of your asset based on the current income.

Determining the capitalization rate need not be an arduous task. You can start by collecting the statistics of recently sold properties in similar or the same locations as your property. The chosen property should correspond with that of your property. You need to determine with high degree of accuracy the net realizable rentals by the owners of the property. For instance, you can take the net rental income realized by the owners to be 000.Get the sale price of the asset and divide the net income by the sales price. This will give you the capitalization rate. If in this case the property was sold at 0000,you have it divide by the net income of 000,the resulting figure will be 0.33.Then convert this figure to percentage points by multiplying it by 100.This will give you a capitalization rate of 3 percent.

Capitalisation rate have become a great help to the owners of property owners who have the intention of selling them. Without capitalisation rate, it would be hard to value real estate assets. Many people would be deceived to accept lower prices by the buyers of the same properties. Since you will use other properties that are independent from yours when working out the capitalization rate, you will be assured of a better return when you finally decide to dispose your property. The determination of this rate need not be a headache. The procedure is quite simple. Get the net income of a real estate property sold in recent times and divide it with the sales value. Then you convert the figure obtained to percentage form. This figure will aid you in working out the real market value of your asset.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lean Manufacturing: The 7 Principles of Toyota Production System (TPS).

In daily production there are 7 wastes that need to be treat well in order to achieve maximum profit and high productivity. In Lean manufacturing or Toyota Production System the 7 wastes are:


2.Waiting time,


4.Inventory - over stock (unnessary stock),

5.Too many motion,

6.Over processing and,

7.Defective parts or unit also known as rejection.

In order to reduce or eliminate the waste a 7 principles was developed by Toyota known as the 7 principles of Toyota Production System.

1. Reduce setup times.

All setup process that are implemented are a waste because of they tie up to labor and equipment. By organizing procedures, using carts and highly skill workers to do their own setup (self management), Toyota managed to reduce setup times.

2. Small Lot Production:

Producing products in a big lots result in a high setup cost, high capital cost of high speed machinery, larger inventories, long lead time, and of course large defect cost.

3. Employee Involvement:

Toyota organized their workers by forming teams and gave them the responsibility and training to do many specialized tasks. Teams are also given responsibility for housekeeping and minor equipment repair. Each team has a leader who also works as one of them on the line.

4. Top Quality control:

Quality is well control at each station of production line. The concept not to pass defective product to next process which control by the owner(operator) of that process has help a lot of Toyota production line. Any defective product found must be discovered and corrected as soon as possible and therefore to achieve the objective responsibility is given to the owner of that process. If it cannot be fixed, he can stop the line by pulling stop cord called Jidoka.

5. Equipment Maintenance:

One of the major contributors to line stoppage and defective is come from failed equipment. Therefore beside Maintenance people maintaining the equipment, Toyota operator are also assigned for basic maintenance task such cleaning and lubricating. Most important is that the operator is in the best position to detect any abnormality of the equipment. This known as a Total Productive Maintenance.

6. Pull Production.

To reduce inventory holding costs and lead times, Toyota developed the pull production method wherein the quantity of work performed at each stage of the process is dictated solely by demand for materials from the immediate next stage. The Kanban scheme coordinates the flow of small containers of materials between stages. This is a commonly known as Just-In-Time (JIT).

7. Supplier Involvement.

Supplier or vendors is a partner to Toyota. In Toyota Production System supplier shall involve and train together to achieve target for both side.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grant Money Funds Worthy Causes

There are thousands of programs in place offering low interest loans, and in many case, free money that never has to be repaid. These grants are designated dollars to fund many of different causes.

Grant money comes from corporations and large companies, private foundations and from you. That's right; a portion of each tax dollar you pay goes into various funds that are returned to the public in the form of grants and low- interest loans.

Every year, the US government gives away hundreds of billions of dollars to entrepreneurs and small business owners, homeowners, students and anyone who has a legitimate need and simply asks.

Simple isn't exactly the right term, however. In the end that is what it comes down to, but there is quite an elaborate process of acquiring grant dollars.

First there's the search. As I mentioned, there are thousands of granting programs to weed through and each one has its own specific guidelines and requirements. Some grants are specifically for students in low-income households, possibly based on ethnicity or course of study or all three.

Some grants are available to women who want to start a business, and may be broken down into the type of business, the age of the woman and other very specific criteria. Other grants are available to anyone wishing to start a business but are specific to the type of business, the amount of jobs that it will make available, the area that it may benefit, etc.

There are thousands of research teams, often universities that make good use of these valuable monetary gifts to improve some aspect of our existence from environmental research and preservation, to understanding and finding cures to diseases, to improving the technology that allows us to care for the ill and further explore our planet and beyond.

Across the country, good will is promoted through agencies that house the homeless, feed the hungry and protect the battered. These non-profit agencies extend the reaches of our nation and share what time and wealth they can with individuals and families all over the world.

They can range from small clubs that provide afterschool activities for kids to feeding and educating communities in foreign countries. There are so many causes in need of funding to make the world a better place. Non-profit organizations see to the assistance of the less fortunate and ensure the appropriate dispersal of funds.

With such a wide variety of causes, and such an immense amount of endowments, one could spend months and months trying to zero in on the appropriate funding for the basis of their plight.

Once the funding organization has been located, there is the application process and the writing of the grant proposal. Each grantor has their specifications for applicants. Making sure that you or your organization will even qualify can be tricky.

There are companies that exist to assist with this process and often have experienced writers to help with the grant proposals.

A grant proposal consists of who, what, why, where, when and how. Skilled writers will know in terms of the granting agency where to emphasize and what information is imperative to draw attention to you and your request.

Understanding the world of grants can offer a tremendous advantage. At times, you may be one of several hundred requesting the same funds. Unfortunately, the funds are limited and granting review panels must allocate according to need and importance.

Sometimes there are so many worthy causes and key indicators such as a well thought and carefully executed business plan can carry a lot of weight in decision making. Knowing where to accentuate is what gives grant writers the upper hand.

In addition to their fluent inscription, their understanding of the enormous world of grants helps them dominate for their clients. Anyone considering seeking out endowments would be doing themselves and their organizations a huge favor by enlisting in a team of experts to smooth the progress of obtaining financial support.

Grants are there for those who need them but you'll never get them if you don't ask. Professionals can not only help you find the right funds, but offer an advantage of proficient expertise that might otherwise elude you and your chances of attaining the money that will bring your dream to reality.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Wind Turbines - How Long Have They Been Around?

One of the most popular ways of alternative energy are wind turbines. As each year passes by windmills are constantly growing within their popularity, mainly with the modern day green movement. Windmills are great in that they receive energy through a source that will never run out. This is why wind turbines are becoming more and more popular. When were wind turbines first introduced into the world? Are they are a new invention?

In reality windmills were first made between 500-900 A.D. by the Persians and were used as a water pumping system. The original windmill model was the vertical axis. This vertical axis was developed with vertical sails made of reeds grouped together to the central vertical shaft by horizontal struts. Western Europe had their first appearance of the horizontal axis in 1270 A.D. The design was changed because they saw the structural efficiency of drag-type for the horizontal axis wind turbines was greater than that of the vertical axis. The wind turbine was then changed to be able to be used in many ways such as pumping water, irrigation, grain grinding, and saw milling of timber. In 1888, the US was able to successfully develop a multi-blade windmill that created electricity.

From this point on the design was changed more and more to be efficient in producing the highest output of electricity. From the 1970s to 1990s countries would start developing wind farms in a way for alternative energy over fossil fuel, and even more during the Arab oil crisis in 1973. It was at this point when the United States government would begin to get involved and started to finance some of the wind energy programs as an alternative energy source. From this point on the designs of wind turbines have been perfected into producing the maximum kilowatts for the least amount of cost.

Energy production for wind turbines is starting to be cheaper than other ways. Wind energy is even said to be under pricing the capital costs of close to every other power plant type in other countries! This is good for home owners since they can now build their own wind turbine for a low price. This will give people the chance to lessen their electricity costs and stop depending on the electric company.

Personalized Leather Passport Holders Keep Valuable Documents Organized

If you are looking for a special gift for yourself or someone else, you might want to consider investing in personalized leather passport holders. These holders are available in a variety of styles for both men and women. Most travelers prefer leather since it is attractive as well as durable.

For years, the only colors available for passport holders were black and brown. Today the traveler can have a customized holder in almost any color that they want. One can color coordinate with their handbag and the general color scheme of their wardrobe. This adds a cheery touch to one's day when having to pull out the passport at border crossings that can sometimes be stressful.

The choices today go far beyond the color of the passport holder as well. Additional separate compartments added so that one can easily carry their credit cards, money and boarding passes. Some holders will also zip up so that nothing can accidentally slip out of the holder. It is a good idea to experiment with different models at the store to discover which one works the best for you.

There are varied leather selections for a choice of soft, pliable cowhide to one that is super sturdy. For buyers who are against using real leather products a faux leather option is also available. It will feel and look like real hide but is ecologically green.

Some holders will contain a built in shield that will prevent the unauthorized scanning of the radio frequency identification chip embedded in the newer passports. ID cards can be scanned from a short distance without the owner realizing this. It is important to protect one's card information and surprisingly many people still do not realize the risk of identity theft.

Many travelers like to have their covers embossed with the crest of their country. Often this will include an animal such as the eagle crest of the United States or the maple leaf of Canada. This helps the border guard to ascertain which country the traveler is from before they even open up the passport.

Slots and pockets are available in different configurations inside the holder. The outside too can have an additional pocket for quicker access to an item. The holders can also have a strap attached to them so that they can hang from the neck for easy access. One must be careful however to make sure that this strap will not be cut by a thief with a wary eye.

Traveling is more fun when risks are reduced. Avoid losing your identification cards. The personalized leather passport holders are an ideal solution since they keep the storage of valuable documents in one place. Good-looking travel ware will positively influence those around you who see that you take your traveling seriously.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Real Estate In Panama- Advantages Of Hiring An Agents

If you own a house and would like to market it or desire to buy one, it will be ideal if you comprehended how the real estate in Panama market operates. The very first point to begin with in getting higher profits on property investment is to employ a realtor or a broker.

A realtor is not helpful only to the closing of a sale but also can offer you superb tips. It will not be sensible to venture into the market of purchasing and selling property without proper know-how. As suppliers of real estate are countless, scams might be inevitable.

Nevertheless, you can save yourself from hassles and stress of falling into the bad hands of fraud in real estate. Furthermore, the info that you could get on the web concerning the process of purchasing and selling property in Panama is complicated. The majority of the details will befuddle you more rather than help you create a wise decision for your loved ones. The only best option is to employ the services of a realtor and luxuriate in wonderful advantages. Here are the benefits of a realtor who has expertise concerning the process of real estate in Panama:

Education and experience- because an agent has the necessary skills as well as expertise regarding how the industry of real estate property works, that simply means one thing. You do not have to run up and down trying to get something that relates to real estate. In other words, you'll be leaving the job to the hands of an experienced person. Are you aware of what you will obtain if you deal with an expert? You will find that the procedure of buying and selling property becomes simpler. Additionally, you will have extra time which you can use to focus on other profitable things in business or even with your loved ones.

Professional experience- an agent/realtor has experience in the methods that a negotiation process requires, marketing tactics, and also how the real estate in Panama market presently operates. Therefore, the real estate agent will be in a far better position of giving you with important guidance regarding the ideal steps that you must follow when buying/selling property. When you're mad a choice to buy real estate, you should have had particular anticipations. If you did not have expectations, an agent will help you know the exact thing that you should expect.

An agent can assist you in learning your tasks and also legal rights, help you make the ideal moves based on the objectives that you have set. More so, a realtor will discuss the available options of having finances and help you find other specialists who will guide you in going to the next actions.

Best price- since agents is knowlegeable with the negotiation tactics and knows clearly how the real estate market operates. They'll consistently assist you get the best cost in the market. A reputable and reliable realtor has the best expertise and sources which will help in establishing the lowest buying and highest prices in the market.

There, you now know the benefits of working with a realtor. They're diverse, and they are more than you have read in this write-up. If you want to achieve greater objectives, you have to work together with a real estate agent in contrast to leaving everything to the agent. You must allow the realtor of real estate in Panama know all your goals.

Non-bank Lenders Offer $10k Special To Bad Credit Borrowers

Folks with less than sterling credit, and many with good credit, are finding it hard to get an unsecured loan, especially from traditional lenders such as brick and mortar banks and credit unions. Those with poor credit will find that getting approval for a personal loan from a non-bank lender is far greater than getting one from a traditional lender

Also, traditional lenders are operating under a self-imposed credit crunch and have tightened their underwriting criteria, reduced loan amounts, and limited new lending. Most will not even consider a loan application that does not show a sterling credit history. But, that is why non-bank lenders exist and they can offer a wide array of lending programs with no credit check and for amounts up to ,000. These loans require no collateral and qualifications are relatively easy to meet.

Employment Tenure and Salary

Most any lender, whether traditional or non-bank, needs to establish some minimal guidelines to increase the possibility of repayment. Usually that begins with having a steady job with an income that shows a good debt-to-income ratio. Lenders like to see at least 90 days on the job with the same company. Some may require six months. Anyway, the longer you have been employed at one place, the better. Lenders consider steady employment to be a sign of stability.

Direct Deposit Bank Account

To be seriously considered for a personal loan from a non-bank lender you should have a valid direct-deposit bank account. A checking account would furnish you with the minimum requirement. However, if you also had a savings or money market account, your credibility would be greatly increased in the eyes of the lender. Usually a lender likes to see three months worth of bank statements to approve your loan. Hopefully it will be pretty clear of serious red marks such as NSF checks, excessive overdrafts, and similar bad marks.

Who Are You and Where Do You Live?

Many non-bank lenders operate online. You may never even see each other in the process of application. Many of them can check your credentials using online resources. But if they cannot, they will ask you to fax or send a scan of a bona fide picture ID. They may also require a utility bill as proof of residence. Some lenders may require other documents. Usually, the greater the amount you have requested, the more documentation you may be asked to supply.

Shopping for the Best Lender

Your credit score, your income, your residency all play a role in the approval process and will influence your approval. Understand that some lenders will approve your application while another may reject it. Do not be discouraged. Sometimes a lender just might be in a bad mood. They all have different policies and different approval thresholds.

Anyhow, make multiple applications and you will get multiple approvals, thus allowing you to choose the best rates and terms. The internet has made it extremely facile to apply and get approved for a loan without spending too much time or energy. Approval is quick and you can usually have money in your account within 24 hours.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Boat Loan? Auto Loan? Caravan Loan? There Is A Heap Of Choice Out There!

I was recently looking to buy a new car (with a tow bar) so that it could tow either the new boat or caravan I was also hoping to purchase. I did not have enough cash to buy outright so checked out the availability of an auto loan as well as a boat loan and caravan finance.

Initially I had expected that an auto loan from the car dealership and the boat and caravan retailers would be the most attractive but I discovered that there were cheaper options available to me. I am on a reasonable salary so I could afford to make combined monthly repayments of over 00 to the auto loan and one or other of the boat loan or caravan lease that I was considering.

Initially I had thought that it might still be a bit difficult to meet the repayments on both an auto loan and a boat loan but I realised that you can actually manipulate the monthly repayment under both the auto loan and/ or the boat loan or caravan finance facility. How does one do this you ask? It all turns on the residual value under your auto loan or boat loan or caravan lease as the case may be. If you decide that you cannot manage monthly repayments under the auto loan, boat loan or caravan finance you can ask to adjust the residual value to the maximum acceptable to the financier. If you have a high residual value under the car loan, boat loan or caravan finance you will pay less each month under the loan terms. If you have a much lower residual value under your car loan, boat loan or caravan hire purchase / lease then the monthly repayments required under the finance will be much higher because you are paying back more of the original auto loan, boat loan or caravan finance.

While you may feel confident that the sale price of your car or boat at the end of the auto loan or boat loan period will be sufficient to meet a high residual value figure, you do need to be cautious because more often than not borrowers find that when they do sell, the sale price is not in fact sufficient to meet the required amount (the residual value) to fully pay out the auto loan, boat loan or caravan finance. Suddenly you have to find an extra say 00 which you were not expecting. This can create financial difficulties for you or result in your having to take out an unsecured personal loan to fulfil your commitments under the auto loan, boat loan or caravan finance.

To avoid this situation it is far better to try your very best to make higher monthly repayments during the term of your auto loan, boat loan or caravan lease. While including a lower residual figure under your auto loan or boat loan will mean a slightly tighter cash flow during the term of your auto loan or boat loan, it should save you from any nasty surprises at the end of the car loan or boat loan term.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Finance & Banking Graduate Scheme Application Deadlines

If you are applying for Graduate Schemes or Internships in Banking, Finance or Investment Banking there are several things you will need to know.

Firstly, you will need to plan in advance in order to secure a graduate job in banking or any graduate career in finance.

If you are still a student looking for work experience and still in your first year, many of the major Investment Banks have Spring Internship programs such as Goldman Sachs.

Obviously check each institutions application deadlines, but most banking or finance spring internship application deadlines range from November to February each year.

As a second year student you can apply for banking or finance summer internship programs at most major investment Banks like Citi Group, Barclays Capital, RBS, UBS, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Bank Of America Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Nomura Holdings, Royal Bank of Canada amongst others.

As a final year student you will need to be ready to apply for Investment Banking Graduate Scheme deadlines starting in September onwards. This also applies to Accounting Graduate Schemes like PWC, Deloitte, Ernest & Young and KPMG to mention a few, as well as some Commercial Banks, Proprietary Trading Houses, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Institutions, Investment Institutions and other major financial institutions.

It is worth getting a list of Investment Banks and other financial institutions in order to make sure you know which of the Banks and Financial Institutions you want to apply to.

If you have missed any of the finance graduate scheme, banking graduate schemes, finance internship or banking internship application deadlines, then don't worry.

There are still hundreds of other Banks and Financial Institutions that do not have graduate scheme application deadlines.

You can make your own internship by contacting banks and financial institutions and making your own work experience opportunity.

To be successful in these applications and to make your own banking job or finance work experience, you will need to know what you are talking about.

A great site to stay up to date with the latest Banking Graduate Schemes and Finance Graduate Schemes is the news and career research section of the website of banking and finance consultancy company Benedix.

If you are applying for last minute graduate schemes or work experience opportunities and you have missed the application deadlines you will need a perfect banking CV or finance CV and a lot of creativity to influence your way in and create your own opportunity.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Payday Loans No Fax: Money, When You Exactly Needs

Sometimes the money shortage in the mid of a month compels the salaried people to look for forward for monetary support from family and friends. You might need in order to get rid of any expensive bill on a credit card or to pay for utilities bills like telephone and electricity. Payday Loans No Fax is a great financial help and free from any type of faxing documents to the lending company.

This fund opportunity is appropriate in urgent financial condition and needy individual can fetch desired funds within 24 hours directly into his bank account. As its title suggests these loans are parts of payday loans and offers you desired funds on the same day without faxing any sort of documents.

Whether you need loan for paying utilities bills like telephone or electricity, organizing a tour, wedding expenses, shopping, or other all expenses can be answered with this loan facility. There is no need of bank statement of the bank to send the lender for approval. All applicant need to borrow funds is to fill an application online with required personal information. This information includes your full name, present residence address, company's information and ID proof of the country.

These loans are basically for short term just for one to four weeks. Fund ranges from 80 to 1500 can be easily availed without any hassle and wasting time. Your repayment on due date is very important as late payment of these loan carries high interest rates and it is quite hard for the salaried people to manage them from their fixed salary.

As these loans are usable just for four week maximum, most of the lenders don't waste their time in checking the credit history and collateral. This financial help is free from collateral pledging so beneficial for tenants and home owner. Anyone who have good repayment ability can easily apply for these credits and by repaying on time can improve the credit status.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How To Work Your Way With Spoof Sms

Ever since the advent of spoof SMS or anonymous texts, a lot of people are becoming more interested. What are they? How do they work? Are they going to be good or disadvantageous to both the sender and recipient? Today, you will learn answers to your most common questions.

What is a spoof SMS?

As its name suggests, it is a prank SMS. There are two main reasons why you may want to send one. First, you want to keep somebody else's spirits up. A joke is the best way to do it. On the other hand, it's been utilized by marketers who want to be witty with their approach in selling their business to several people all over the world. It's also a much cheaper alternative to conventional text messaging. This is because with spoof SMS, they don't need to pay for long-distance or roaming services.

What's the distinct characteristic of it?

A spoof SMS allows you to hide behind a pseudonym or even just a series of numbers or letters. However, you're still able to send your message since you have to include the recipient's number in the To field. You can also personalize your message to include, of course, your prank or joke, or marketing message.

You can also decide whether to allow the recipient to send a reply to you or not. Usually, if your sender ID is already a spoof one or not true, the recipient cannot send any reply to you. This also means that you have to use another SMS credit if you wish to send another one. If the sender ID is composed of a series of numbers, he or she can send a reply through his mobile phone. Simply put, if you wish to receive a reply, use numbers. If you don't, make sure that you can have your spoof SMS sent in plain text.

Who can use the spoof SMS service?

The truth is anyone can make use of it. A lot of the websites have very wide coverage, including the United States, Africa, and Asia. However, before you can start sending your messages, you need to create an account. You need to register a user ID, which will be your e-mail address, and your password. The website will then send you a confirmation e-mail where you have to click your activation link.

Does this come for free?

Usually, the answer is no. To send a spoof SMS, you need to pay for SMS credits. The credits will tell you how many SMS you can send to anyone. Nevertheless, you can try the Free Trial just to test if the system really works. You simply have to key in the To field. The message is already created for you.

Are you free from legalities?

The answer is all up to you. A spoof SMS can still be utilized for illegal activities, such as demanding money from your recipient. At this point, you can be at the danger of getting sued. Thus, make sure that you will just have clean fun with the service.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

How Does A Credit Report Affect Getting A Customs Brokerage License?

Customs brokerage is a profession that involves the "clearing" of goods through customs barriers for importers and exporters (usually businesses). This involves the preparation of documents and/or electronic submissions, the calculation and payment of taxes, duties and excises, and facilitating communication between government authorities and importers and exporters.

Custom brokers may be employed by or affiliated with freight forwarders, independent businesses, or shipping lines, importers, exporters, trade authorities, and customs brokerage firms.

Credit reports, along with additional records such as a criminal history, help government officials verify an applicant's identity, but, more important, those reports help gauge an applicant's integrity. Customs brokers control millions of dollars of goods entering the U.S. A poor credit history, especially if it includes serious negative entries such as a tax lien or bankruptcy, may indicate the applicant is in poor financial standing and may be more prone to accept bribes or sell information.

Nothing on a credit report automatically disqualifies an applicant from becoming a customs broker. The hiring manager assesses an applicant's entire profile. A credit score damaged by late payments to unexpected medical bills, for instance, might hurt the an applicant's chances less than a poor credit rating resulting from poor financial management. The government cannot discriminate against an applicant only because of a previous bankruptcy filing.

Explaining Bad Credit
The June 2009 Customs and Border Protection (CBP) application which is the most current application as of the time of publication allows applicants to explain any serious derogatory items in section 18. Applicants should note if the acquisition of bad debts was beyond their control and that all attempts were made to resolve the situation. For instance, an applicant can argue that filing bankruptcy was a responsible action, because he used a government process to handle the debt rather than ignore it.

Start repairing your credit well before you apply to the Customs Border Patrol. Even if your credit history only slightly impacts your ability to obtain a license, a good credit history is helpful in other facets of your life. For instance, a poor credit score may prevent you from obtaining loans at favorable interest rates, and other employers may reject an application based on a poor credit history. The first step to repairing your credit is repaying as much debt as possible and paying bills on time. Before you even get to the background check, you must pass the customs broker licensing examination.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flex Leasing

Everyone dreams of having his own car, but it not possible for all to fulfill this dream. But there are some people who somehow manage to purchase their desirable car. However, sometimes, they are found to be regretting on their decision of making this investment. This is mainly because of the disturbances in the functioning of the automobile. Flex leasing is a process that gives you an opportunity to self-evaluate the features of a particular model and then decide whether to buy it. With the increasing cases of functional problems of the car models, the process of flexleasing has grabbed the attention of many car users.

Recently, the inclination of most of the people is seen towards the look and appearance of a product than its technical aspect. Similar is the case that is observed among the car buyers. They emphasize more on how a car model looks than how it functions. Influenced by the look and appearance, they purchase a model, but afterwards they come to the conclusion that the cars do not function properly as they expected it to be. Buying a car is a huge investment and thus, one must always try to be careful in purchasing such items. Utilizing the process of flex leasing helps the car buyers a lot in this respect. Flexleasing a car enables you to avoid any such issues related to the functional aspect of your favorite car model.

To make buying car a wise decision, you must utilize the flexleasing process. It will at least ensure that you have made the decision of purchasing a particular product after evaluating all the features yourself. Having an eye-catching look is very important, but don't you think a mechanical product has many other things to be looked for. To check those technicalities and functional perspectives of your favorite car model, you can take the same on rent for a certain period of time. It will cost you some amount of money based on the time period for which you lease it. You are expected to utilize this flex leasing time period to the fullest and try to assess all the possible features of the model and then take your final decision.

Opting for flexleasing will help you examine the car model from multiple perspectives so that you do not have to regret on your decision. It will give you a chance to assess whether the car ride would be comfortable, it will also give you an idea about other dimensions including engine longevity, easy handling or not and many other aspects that are important to be taken into consideration. The process of flex leasing a car will provide you an opportunity to test the model in every respect that will make it easier for you to decide whether to purchase it or go for some other option. Not only external appearance, but also the internal features are advised to be judged and examined properly by the interested buyers.

The people for whom driving new car models is a hobby are greatly benefited by this process of flexleasing. They are the ones who change cars like clothes. Thus, buying a car and replacing it with the new one all the time could really be expensive. If you belong to such category of individuals, then flex leasing is the process that will help you the most. You can take new models on rent for a specific period of time and drive and test it. Once the lease period is over, you can go for other one and so on.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Effects Of Mercury In The Houses Of The Astrology Chart

Astrology chart in Vedic astrology comprises of 12 houses and based upon the position of the planets in the specific houses, the astrologer predicts things about the life of native. Let us see the effects of an important planet viz. Mercury in different houses.

Mercury in First House: The native will be smart and attractive in looks. He is happy-go-lucky kind of person having exceptional intelligence and he believes in speaking truth. The person can excel in literary fields.

Mercury in Second House: The person is obedient to his father and he has a very soft physique. The person has excessive hairs of the body and tends to enjoy luxuries in life. If the zodiac is malefic then the person suffers from lack in finance and intellect.

Mercury in Third House: The person is extremely courageous and does any work with the motive of welfare. He might suffer a disease prone childhood and he can also be a source of tension to the family.

Mercury in Fourth House: High positioned mercury in the fourth house then the person might be a womanizer. He is also shameless and has a hyperactive mind. The low-positioned Mercury makes him fatal for his brother.

Mercury in Fifth House: The person has a good wife and has beautiful face. If the mercury and the fifth house, both are malefic then the person will have problems in progeny and he might have to adopt son.

Mercury in Sixth House: Native will be sluggish, always fearful of enemies, and he can trap others in legal cases. If the mercury is with any auspicious planets then the person can single-handedly tackle and defeat his enemies.

Mercury in Seventh House: The person suffers from eye-related diseases and he is extremely swift in action. If it is with any auspicious planet then the person marries in a very high family and enjoys life.

Mercury in Eighth House: The person speaks truth and plays a gracious host to his guests. If the mercury is with any malefic plant(s) then he suffers from weakness and he also suffers from pre-mature death.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jewish Lawyers: A Legacy of Hard Work and Education

The recent nomination of Elena Kagan to be the newest Supreme Court Judge received criticism from conservative commentator Pat Buchanan, who questioned President Barak Obama's selection of Kagan, solely because she is a Jewish.

If Kagan is confirmed, Jews, who represent less than two percent of the U.S. population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats, Buchanan stated in a column for WorldNetDaily.

Although the comments from the former Nixon-advisor could be spun as anti-Semitic, there is no argument that Buchanan stumbles into an old stereotype; there are a lot of Jewish lawyers.

Before proceeding any further, it is important to stress the difference between the phrase sterotype and prejudice. A stereotype is a commonly held public belief about a specific group of people. It can be either true or false, and does not have to be one or the other. Prejudice is a prejudgment, preconceived opinion made without reason, and is more commonly negative due to high levels of ignorance. Therefore, while suggesting that there are a lot of Jewish lawyers, as this article intends to, may be interpreted as a stereotype, it in no way, shape, or form, could be interpreted as an anti-Semitic prejudice, and to suggest that it is would be in itself, overly sensitive and ignorant.

Now, back to the point: that there are a lot of Jewish lawyers. Ben Brafman, the attorney for Sean Combs, Plaxico Burress, and the late Michael Jackson, is Jewish. Marcia Clark, the prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial, is Jewish. The late Roy Cohn, the chief attorney for Joseph McCarthy, was Jewish. Even Judith Sheindlin, more commonly known as Judge Judy, is Jewish.

Additionally, there have been seven Jews on the United States Supreme Court (not including the likely-to-be-confirmed Kagan). So with recent Census totals estimated the Jewish-American population at under seven-million, which would equal approximately 2% of the entire United States population, it does not seem unreasonable to ask why have such a disproportionate number of American Jews become lawyers?

The high number of Jewish lawyers is typically attributed to the same reasoning behind the stereotype that a strong majority of Jews become doctors, government officials, and business executives: The Torah.

At a very young age, Jewish children are taught the importance of learning, a message emphasized in the Jewish Bible. The Torah commands for the people of Israel to be a light unto the nations, and one way that that is achieved is by seeking professional prominence, often times through the study and mastery of the Law.

The high number of Jewish lawyers has also been attributed to the centuries of being forcibly relocated from their homes. After all, knowledge and intellect are the rarest of things, for the reason that they cannot be taken away. With a long history of being at risk, the Jewish people have adopted a mentality that certain trades and professions will always be in need, regardless of the environment, and have therefore pushed themselves to strive for such professions.

So, to respond to traditionalist Catholic Pat Buchanan, yes, there are a lot of Jewish lawyers. Of course, stating that being Jewish is the one and only thing that Justice Stephen G. Breyer and soon-to-be Justice Kagan represent is ignorant, foolish, and a clear example of what it means to think like a bigot.

But yes, there are a disproportionate number of Jewish lawyers, and there will continue to be in the future. This is not a result of such anti-Semitic stereotypes such as greed, money-grubbing, or power-hungry assumptions. It is simply a compliment to the strong work ethic and importance in education preacher to young Jews through the Torah.

Pitfalls of Defaulted Student Loan

Students take student loans in order to meet their tuition fees of college or university. They always have best intentions as these are the loans availed to build up their career to enhance their future opportunities. They are always eager to pay-off the loan in correct time. Unluckily, life sometimes adds-up pot holes which results in defaulted student loan. Exceeding the definite terms specified in contract results in defaulted student loan.

Student loans in default mean loans have exceeded the definite time span given to pay off. Student loans in default may also occur while the loan provider does not receive any repayment from students for 270 consecutive days. Lenders receiving sporadic payments may extend the number of days to 330.

The time period between postponed payments and declaring the student loans in default is known as delinquency period. If the loan recipient fails to contact their loan providers during this period, then it will be get enlisted in the list of student loans in default. The individual who have availed loan is allowed to use any sensible way to contact his loan provider. The collection agencies are authorized by the lenders to collect these loans in default.

The most detrimental part of the student loans in default is that the lenders are going to report it to Credit Bureau. Therefore the defaulted student loan will affect the credit ranking badly. This bad credit score of the students will in turn affect several aspects of their life.

The agency for collecting the defaulted student loan has the authorization to carry out further process of collection as well as the needful legal procedures. If the individual is sued for this defaulted student loan, he may find himself accountable for penalties and other lawful fees. Moreover in these cases the government has the right to take the repayments from income of the student as well as from his prospective tax returns till his liability is settled.

Even the employers hesitate to hire such individuals having a bad credit score. Other loan providers including banks will also be reluctant to deal with any individual carrying the tag of defaulter on his credit record. This will certainly be harmful and decrease your chances of getting any home loan or car loan in future. Once a student becomes defaulter, he will lose his chance of settling his loan or extending the period of loan payment. It will be always best for the individuals to avoid these circumstances. As soon as individuals find it difficult to pay off their loans, they should contact the loan providers and tell them about their difficulties. If they find it sensible, the loan providers will definitely provide individuals with solutions that can help them in paying off the loans in an easier way. Individuals can find ample information online regarding the matter easily. Going through the articles and interviews of several well known financial experts can help best to get effective solution. Maintaining good relation with the lender can play an essential role in this trouble.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Do I Need To Sell My Car? What If My Registration Has Expired? What If I Still Owe Money On It?

What do I need to do to sell my car?

The time has come for you to sell your car and, naturally, you've got questions.

There are a few obvious ones -

What documents do I need to sell my car?
Can I sell my car if the registration has expired?
Can I sell a car on which I still owe money?

These questions may seem daunting, but in actual fact, the answers are fairly straightforward.

What documents do a need to sell my car?

The single key document you will need is a proof of ownership. Obviously, the state and the dealer will want to know that you are the owner of the vehicle and that you do, indeed, have the right to sell the car. The document you are most likely to have to hand is the title. If you have this, it's easy to just sign it over to the dealer. The dealer will also have all the forms to accompany the sale of a car using the title. If you do not have the title you must visit any DMV office and apply for a duplicate title by completing a Vehicle Registration/Title Application.

You'll also want to accompany the proof of ownership with an original bill of sale. This can take almost any form, as most DMVs do not supply official bills of sale. It needs to include the name of the buyer and the seller, the VIN of the vehicle in question, the date, the make and model of the vehicle and the price.

If the car is currently registered, you'll want to bring the registration documents with you. Once you have finalized the sale, make sure to remove the license plates and the registration sticker. That way you will not be liable for tickets the next owner may get.

If the car is paid off, you'll want to have the lien release document. This is a document sent by the lien-holder (usually a bank or finance company) once the car is paid off. It notes to VIN and the date of the final payment and officially releases the car from the lien. You can still sell the car if there is money owed on it (see below)

Almost all other paper work related to the sale of a car can be provided by the used car dealer.

Can I sell my car if the Registration has expired?


If the car is not registered or you cannot find the registration, a visit to the DMV will help. There you can get a Vehicle Registration/Title Application, or a Certification of Registration for Transfer of Non-Titled Vehicle. You could also use an original Affidavit of Sale or a Manufacturers Certificate of Origin. In some situations you can use an expired registration certificate.

Each state is has different rules about the finer points, but the answer to the question is yes, you can sell an unregistered car or a car for which you do not have the tags. The dealer will be able to help you figure out exactly which form you can use.

Can I sell a car on which I still owe money?


The dealer will arrange to pay off the money due on the car. This money will be deducted from the amount given to you for the car. Thus, if you agree on a price of ,000 for the car and you still owe ,000 on it, the dealer will pay you 00 and give you the remaining 00. You'll need to bring along the paperwork relating to the loan if you can. The payments coupon book will do, or at a minimum, you need to know that name of the institution which is financing the car. They will be able to look up the car by the VIN and then figure out the exact amount due.

Of course, the amount will be less than the figure in your coupon book. That's because you will be paying it off early and therefore paying less in interest. Cars which are still on lease are handled in much the same way. This is one of the great advantages of selling your car to a used car dealer. Because this is all they do, they are experts in doing business with the financiers and are able to get the paperwork done much more quickly. Often, when it is time to sell your car, the whole transaction can take as little as fifteen minutes.

A long-time New York used car dealer has a useful article about when it's time to sell your car. Most reputable dealers will make sure that everything is in order before you walk out, but this checklist will help you get to that point.

Achieving Specific Voice Tone During Phone Call

In a business setting, the tone of your voice can come down to be the most essential factor that makes the entire process good or not.

Crucial Elements To An Efficient Telephone Conversation

When you are speaking to someone over the phone, they are forming their own conclusion about a individual on the other line, still when they have not even met before. According to research made by communicating experts, only seven percent of the spoken communication are understood. Meanwhile, another 38 percent of the total communication process weigh on the tone of voice or the personal manner in which the oral words are presented. And finally, the left over 55 percent is alloted to the body language and expression made on the person's face.

Since the latter does not apply during a telephone conversation, the second component tone of voice is more significant here than the real words being spoken. So, the caller has to rely on that factor to reinforce the verbal communication. The next time you talk to someone over the telephone, pay better attention to how you relay the spoken subject matters to guarantee that you are getting your point across.

Factors Affecting Tone of Voice

To best figure how you can attain the proper tone of voice during a telephone conversation, there are some elements that you need to study. This is extremely significant for a business organization as part of your business communication morals as it can also create an impact on your reputation when dealing with clients.

Here are numerous components you need to pay close attention to:

*The delivery of the phone callers voice impact the tone largely. For instance, a flat voice can raise lack of involvement in a conversation or unwillingness to pay attention to what is being said.

*The volume of one's voice over the telephone can send out different messages, whether it be of confidence, commitment to clients (for business organizations), and willingness to collaborate with the person on the other line.

*The way one person stresses certain words during a telephone conversation help to highlight particular areas of the conversation and makes one realize the importance of this communication process.

*The way a individual talks over the phone can suggest a lot about their exuberance with the individual on the other line, which can frequently be a result of the factors listed above.

Importance of Using Right Tone

As repeatedly pointed out above, using the proper tone of voice is a essential issue when undertaking right etiquette during phone communication. If you are establishing telephone calls for business reasons, then the least you'd want is to elicit a sense of indifference, annoyance, restlessness, and lack of involvement. Even the smallest inflection of your voice and injective you use can communicate different meanings to the individual on the other end of the telephone.

The absence of physical contact during this form of communicating will lead the individual to rely on tone of voice, in addition to actual spoken words, to find what is truly being communicated here. And for customers verbalizing to a business organization's representative, it could imply the organization's willingness to handle the needs of the consumer.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Real Estate Search Engines: A Home Buyer's Guide

In recent years, real estate search engines have exploded in both popularity and quantity. It seems that every time you turn around, there's a new real estate search engine being launched or announced.

The use of real estate search engines has also skyrocketed. People go online by the thousands every day, conducting real estate searches through websites like Yahoo, Trulia and the others listed below. This usage will only increase as new search engines emerge, and as existing engines become more advanced.

This article reviews some of the most popular real estate search engines available today. But before we get to those reviews, let's cover some quick terminology.

What's a Real Estate Search Engine?
Here's my informal definition of a real estate search engine: "Any website that allows consumers to search for real estate listings." I think that's a basic definition we can all agree upon. Of course, there are many different types of real estate search engine, but in their basic form they all match the definition above.

Popular Real Estate Search Engines
Here's a list and summary of some of the most popular real estate search engines online today (with popularity measured by prominence in the marketplace, website traffic, and general buzz).
This is probably the most popular real estate search engine, just because it has been around the longest. When you land on the home page of, you're offered a variety of real estate-related information. But the primary element on their home page is, of course, their real estate search engine.

To begin, you simply enter a city and state, provide some qualifying information like price range and number of rooms, and then click "Go." Once you get to the actual home listings, you can sort them by price, number of rooms, etc.

One thing I've always liked about is the way the results are presented. You can view 10 homes per page, with thumbnail photo and basic information. This lets you "eyeball" shop and weed out any homes that don't interest you right off the bat. That way, you only have to click the "learn more" link for homes that you've screened first. A lot of the newer real estate search engines are map-based, meaning you have to click on an icon to see the house and details. I prefer to see a lot of listings at a glance and then "drill down" as desired ... but that's just me.

This website offers another map-driven approach to real estate search. As with most real estate search engines, you start the process by entering a city and state. After sitting through a map-zooming process that makes you feel like you're skydiving, you'll be asked for the usual follow-up parameters (price range, number of rooms, etc.). Properties for sale are presented as icons that you can click on to learn more about.

Personally, I didn't like the interface because it doesn't show as much data at a glace as other real estate search engines you have to sort of scroll around the map to find what you want, and that annoyed me. From my perspective, it seems to be another one of those websites that's so "slick" it's just plain hard to use. But that's just me!

Trulia bills itself as delightfully smart real estate search. Their "About" page offers a more detailed description: "We are a real estate search engine that helps you find homes for sale and provides real estate information at the local level to help you make better decisions in the process."

From the home page, you simply enter a zip code to see real estate listings for that area. You can also refine your search by price range, number of rooms or bathrooms, etc.

Like many real estate search engines, Trulia is powered by Google Maps. Trulia has customized the Google application to show pushpin icons for each property listing, which adds a nice visual element to the search.

You can use Trulia's real estate search engine with or without an account, but if you sign up for a free account you'll be able to save your searches for future convenience. If you like Trulia and plan to use it often, I recommend creating an account. It will save you a lot of time on future visits because you won't have to enter your search parameters all over again (unless you want to).

Yahoo Real Estate
Yahoo's real estate search offers a lot of information in addition to property listings. You can also find information on schools and neighborhoods through their site. But this is an article on real estate search, so let's stick with that.

From the home page of Yahoo Real Estate, you can search for homes, apartments, or even home values. For homes, you simply enter the city and state and hit enter. You are then shown a map with icons representing homes for sale.

Hover your mouse over an icon and it will show the listing price. Click on the listing price, and it will pop up a bubble with street address, a thumbnail photo, and a "learn more" link. To get around the map, you simply click-and-drag with your mouse (as with MapQuest or similar mapping sites).

NeighborhoodScout is a different sort of real estate search engine. As the name implies, this website focuses more on neighborhoods than actual home listings. Here's how they describe themselves:

"NeighborhoodScout is a web-based patent-pending neighborhood search engine that uses neighborhood statistics to build neighborhood profiles that allow individuals and families to instantly find the best neighborhoods for them, in any part of the United States they choose."

So if you're relocating to a new area, this website might help you refine your search by narrowing it to a few select neighborhoods.

A Word of Caution
When using any real estate search engine, you need to understand they do not operate in "real time." The accuracy of a real estate search engine is determined by the age or "freshness" of their data, which varies from one search engine to the next.

Also, while a real estate search engine can be a helpful research tool, they do not take the place of a qualified real estate agent. If you are new to the real estate world, I strongly recommend that you have professional help when buying or selling a home.

* You may republish this article online if you retain the author's byline and the active hyperlinks below.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cheap Car Hire Cape Town

Cape Town is blessed with as many discount car rental companies as Johannesburg has, although the market is not as large. We have searched for a cheap car rental company that has discounted car hire in Cape Town, which will also let you rent a car with no credit card even if you are a backpacker/student and only 18 years old and have just received your drivers licence. Discount Student cars are hard to come by, as the norm in Cape Town's car rental industry has been that you were only able to rent a car if you were 23 years of age or in some cases 25 years old and in the possession of a credit card. On top of that, you had to be the owner of the credit card. Now, some car renters have tried to get discount car hire using someone else's card, yet this is deemed as fraud and can not be accepted by any car rental company. We found no cheap car rental for cash in our internet search. We have however, identified a need for hiring cars with no credit card and did some research. We discovered that people were searching for 'credit card car rentals in Cape Town', as well as 'cash car rental Cape Town airport'.

There is a new trend in Europe, one that is spreading to other parts of the world. Shops, retailers and international companies are accepting fewer credit cards; instead they prefer you to pay by debit card or cash. A recent survey from major international retail stores in Europe revealed that this trend is increasing with the result being that a growing amount of visitors to Cape Town and South Africa are in need of a discount car hire in Cape Town; and are not able to rent a car as they do not own a credit card. Drive Africa has made it our mission to source and find reputable companies in Cape Town that can offer either discounted cash car rentals or debit card car rentals at very attractive prices ( in addition, to also keep their cash deposits to a minimum). To rent a car in Cape Town with discount was difficult to find.

This in itself was quite a mission, as every car rental company we approached was reluctant to offer their cars for rent to backpackers or students in Cape Town without the security of a local or international credit card. We approached some of the smaller cheap car hire companies in Cape Town and convinced them that this product is needed in Cape Town. This is a trend which stems from Europe and it is only going to increase. An increasing amount of foreign visitors to Cape Town would be looking to make use of discount car hire for cash or would like to use their debit cards for paying their rental car. Some rental companies listened to us and we were able to convince them to allow cash car hire for students and backpackers for discounted car hire in Cape Town with a few provisos' that they set. Click here for further information pertaining to cheap car hire in Cape Town.

The discount rental company would need proof of residence while visiting Cape Town, as they will take a copy of the air ticket, ID or passport and take cash deposit to secure the cheap car hire with no credit card. We have therefore identified some companies and are now able to exclusively offer discount car hire to our clients, namely students in Cape Town, a package only available to Drive Africa at this stage. We have made sure that even the cheapest car hire or low priced car rental that we offer on our website has all the correct, government approved insurances that come with the rental, so that if you have an accident or your car is stolen while you are renting it, it is always correctly insured to completely covers you. Remember, these are not 4x4 rental cars. Please go to 4x4 hire South Africa and choose the car of your choice that suits your needs.

So if you hire a car from Drive Africa using cash or your debit card, you can hire with peace of mind knowing that that the cheap car rental in Cape Town that you were searching for is right here, allowing you to book with confidence. Drive Africa also has a financial guarantee in place as well as being proud members of Cape Town Tourism and members of the Tourism body SATSA (Southern Africa Tourism Services Association) that has a financial guarantee in place for renters of Drive Africa and they in turn have bestowed our site with the international website body Dot Travel approved sites stamp. They assure through their accreditation, that we are a fully fledged car rental company offering discount car hire and are not just a virtual company on the internet. A bonus is that the minimum age for student car hire in Cape Town or a backpacker car rental is 18 and all you need is a valid driver's license; as there is no minimum time that you have had to have your driver's license for.

We welcome you to Cape Town, and especially to come and rent a discount car in Cape Town from us. This will definitely make your stay an unforgettable one.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Saving Green Space Bad For The Environment?

Real estate developers have long been criticized as a threat to the environment and, many times, for good reasons. Suburban sprawl has certainly destroyed many open, green spaces and natural habitats. Forests have been cut down in exchange for big box retail and rows of overpriced McMansions. But, when it comes to urban development, there are examples where saving green space can do more harm then good.

Recently, the City of Philadelphia has begun to auction off many of their surplus properties. The economic picture for the City of Brotherly Love looks dim, much like the balance sheet of every major city in the country. Budgets are in the red, and promises made to pensions, medical care, and bloated payrolls will keep cities losing money for many years. So, it seems natural for Philadelphia to begin a process of selling real estate. However, many times, vacant lots owned by the City have been used by neighborhoods as parks where children play and events are hosted. For this reason, many residents are upset, and rightfully so, that developers may get there hands on these properties and quickly destroy green spaces.

Although one can certainly understand neighbors fighting against further development and preserving open green spaces, there are several larger issues to point out both environmental and economic. For example, it is important to keep in mind that urban development is a greener option in and of itself. The more density there is in urban areas, the less suburban sprawl. That means more public transportation and less gas consumption. Smaller townhomes often use far less resources than larger suburban developments. In other words, keeping urban spaces open and green pushes development further outward into the suburbs where resources are utilized less efficiently.

Philadelphia is one of the most spread out cities and one of the biggest reasons is that for so long no one was able to build higher than William Penn's hat on the top of City Hall. This caused less density in the City, less population, less businesses, and less tax revenue. Although this law was finally repealed, the City is still trying to catch up and bring businesses back into Center City. Less density and development has hurt Philadelphia economically and made it tougher for the City to compete for jobs.

All economic decisions have tradeoffs and keeping these spaces open is really just causing another space somewhere else to get developed and suburban sprawl to continue. We should be embracing housing demand in urban areas because, in the larger picture, it is more sensible for cities economically and better for the environment.

How To Buy Credit Card Debt For Pennies On The Dollar

The recent credit crisis and series of bank failures has created a once in a lifetime opportunity for investors who know how to buy credit card debt and bad loans. The Government has been buying up banks with hundreds of billions of dollars of troubled assets. The assets of these banks will be sold to investors and other banks at a great discount. There are billions of dollars in bad loans that can be purchased from the FDIC and banks. Why not get your share of the profits to be made from the massive government bailout of the financial markets?
There are a lot of things to learn before you jump in and start buying distressed loans at a discount. Bankers receive a lot of calls from new and inexperienced investors every day trying to get great deals on distressed loans. You need to build a relationship with the right banker.
If you don't already have money, you will need to raise money. It is important to have your cash ready to get the banks to give you the best price.
You should plan out a system for every part of the process. Compare the loan pools against each other and choose the best package for your risk level. Your efforts in analyzing and scoring the loans should allow you to estimate a recovery cost for your collection efforts. Some loans may not be collectable so you will need to estimate a loss percentage into your financial plan.
The FDIC also has a lot of information and frequently asked questions about buying loans, purchaser eligibility, and certification. Every interested investor should consider if loans are a suitable investment based on their own circumstances. Purchasers will need financial resources sufficient enough to bear the economic risk involved in a loan purchase. There is a lot to learn about buying bad loans. No loan package is the same and each must be given careful review and consideration. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
You will need to interview several collection companies and find one that has a good track record of collecting so you won't have to make collection calls yourself. If you do not have any collection experience it is better to leave it to the professionals and factor that cost in before you purchase a loan.
There is a window of opportunity that will last several years and then, most likely, it will be over. In his book, Bailout Riches ,Bill Bartmann, who created America's largest debt buying and collection company in the 1990s and became a self-made billionaire, says "I've seen this movie before and I know how it ends: I make a Billion Dollars".
Many more banks will be failing before the end of the year and record high foreclosures are expected to continue in the future. Several major banks have stopped foreclosure actions because a few employees cut corners and tried to rush the process. This delay along with the government response will disrupt normal market conditions and cause even more distress. This should make banks and the government more anxious to get the bad credit card debt off of the books of the failed banks so they can lend more freely again.
There are a lot of people and businesses that have been affected by the credit crisis. The real estate, construction, and mortgage industries are still in a state of confusion awaiting a recovery. This is the perfect time for people to learn how to buy credit card debt and make a fortune.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rich vs. Wealthy: The BIG Difference

Is There a Difference Between Being Rich and Being Wealthy?

I have often thought over the past couple of years about the difference between being rich and being wealthy. Is there a difference? If so, what is it? And how do we become wealthy?

It seems to me that there is a big difference between being rich and being wealthy.

When I think about someone who is rich, I think about someone with a lot of money. And I typically think about someone who is quite showy with their money. They drive fancy cars and live in a fancy house. They wear fancy clothes and eat at fancy restaurants.

Rich people come into their money in a number of ways. They may inherit it. They may win the lottery. They may earn it in a few short years as a professional ball player or entertainer. Or they may invent a new mousetrap that is worth millions of dollars. Or they may simply earn it over many years as a professional or a business owner.

But doesn't this also describe a wealthy person? Is there really a difference? I believe there is a major difference between rich and wealthy. The difference is in duration. How long does the money last? Will it be gone once the person's earning power is gone? Will it be passed on to future generations?

What's the Difference Between a Rich Person and a Wealthy Person?

The difference between a wealthy person and someone who is simply rich is that a wealthy person has sustainable wealth. In other words, a wealthy person will always be wealthy, whereas someone who is merely rich will only be so for a short period of time until the money is gone.

Think about people in history who everyone would consider wealthy, and you can begin to see what I mean. The Rockefellers, Carnegies, and Campbells are all wealthy families. Their wealth has lasted multiple generations. Why is this? What makes them so different from the lottery winner or professional athlete who has money for a short time and then it's gone?

Rich v. Wealthy: The Big Difference

The difference between rich and wealthy is very simple.

It's knowledge. Wealthy people know how to make money. Rich people only have money.

Once you know how to make money, you can build sustainable wealth. The money never stops coming. If you have a reversal of fortune, it's not a big deal. You just make it back.

Think about Donald Trump. Several years ago, Mr. Trump was deeply in debt. But, oddly, he didn't change his spending habits and didn't go away. Why not? Because Donald Trump understands how to make money. He is a wealthy individual.

Wisdom + Knowledge = Great Wealth

Wisdom and knowledge can create great wealth for anyone who desires it. Last week, a vendor of ours came to me and asked what he could do to create wealth. My immediate response was to learn everything he could about wealth.

Once he has the knowledge, then he can begin formulating a strategy and work with a coach to build the wealth. But the knowledge needs to come first. Otherwise, if we do happen to get rich, the money is not likely to last.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Retiring In Thailand - How To Retire In Style In Thailand On Little Money

The Reasons Why Numerous People Are Considering Retiring In Thailand

Like numerous husbands of Thai wives, me and my Thai wife are hoping to be retiring in Thailand this year.

It is fairly customary for 'Farangs' (the Thai name given to western 'aliens') married to a Thai National to retire in Thailand, yet what's more countless non-married people retire in Thailand as well. Why do numerous people retire to Thailand, other than to offer their partner a house in their own country?

Well, for anybody who have been to Thailand for a vacation, the following will speedily spring to mind:-

1. Diverse and stunning panoramas reaching from the high hills right down to the strikingly white tropical coastlines

2. Delectable hot and spicy Thai food

3. Wonderfully hot weather

4. Low cost of living

5. Not to mention the kindness and joy of the Thai people

There may perhaps be other reasons that so numerous people are considering retiring in Thailand - every individual has their own reasons. Yet one thing is certain, you don't have to to be well-to-do to retire in Thailand, you can live extremely well there for a small percentage of what it would cost you in the West.

What Is The Minimum Income You Need To Retire In Thailand Contentedly?

A number of people claim that you are able to live quite nicely on 0 per month. That is approaching 23,100 Thai Baht per month.

According to the Thai immigration rules you it is compulsory to have an income of 65,000 Thai Baht monthly (in the region of ,000) monthly to meet the requirements for Thai retirement visa. (Additional restrictions also apply - like being aged fifty plus). If you are married to a Thai National that 65,000 Baht condition income decreases to 40,000 Baht.

40,000 Thai Baht monthly is a very good salary for a Thai National in a respectable position working for Thai Airways. I know because a friend of mine in Bangkok draws precisely that. And she has a BSc and an MSc plus years of experience! With that 40,000 Baht she is able to a mortgage on a new house in Bangkok area, pay off a loan on a new Japanese automobile and then have sufficient remaining for day by day living and vacations.

Should you have no loans or mortgage that 40,000 should be a completely adequate income to retire contentedly in Thailand. Naturally, you will need someplace to live in.

How To Own Your Own Property In Thailand

If finding the small monthly income needed to retire in Thailand is easy then finding a place to live is a not quite as easy. Over the years, the Thai government have created more and more laws to stop 'aliens' from owning land in Thailand. Foreigners can buy property - apartments for example - but not the land they sit on. There used to be ways round this in the past, like buying land via a Thai company you own, but steadily all these loopholes have been blocked off.

So what to do?

Let me offer you a couple of alternatives to think about.

Owning A Share of A Condominium In Thailand

It is completely legal for an 'alien' to purchase an apartment in a condominium building. This ownership is limited to the building itself and not the land upon which it is built.

Even though this may look like a satisfactory proposal, there is one caveat that should be applied. Buyer Beware! There are so several potholes into which the reckless buyer can fall and I strongly recommend that you check everything very carefully before letting go of any cash on buying into a condominium in Thailand.

Purchasing A Property In Thailand In The Name Of A Thai Partner

In the case that you are willing to bet on remaining on good terms with your Thai partner for the remainder of your stay in Thailand you could choose to acquire a home in Thailand under your Thai partner's name. You will realise that the property will not belong to you and all that that fact implies. You may also wish to review what would happen to the ownership of the property if your Thai partner were to die ahead of you. An unsavoury issue I know, but it may be a significant concern for you.

Some Other Things To Think About Before You Make The Final Decision To Retire To Thailand

Understanding The Thai Culture

Perhaps you have come across reports or come across books about the differences between Thai and western cultures. Or maybe you may have personal knowledge from a close association with a Thai.

If you don't have this awareness then it's advisable to investigate at least a few of the books on the issue as the differences, likable as they may look in the beginning, may become wearisome after a while.

Further Information On Retiring In Thailand

I hope you have enjoyed this short guide to retiring in Thailand. And it is just that - a brief introduction. I have only began to graze the surface here and suggest that if this subject interests you that you find out more by looking at my other articles or by visiting the Retiring In Thailand website. On the website which is updated day after day, you will find a lot of handy information about retiring in Thailand. Like how to build a house in Thailand and what it will cost all the way through to retirement visas and acquiring a car.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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Ideas For Charity Collection

Charities are always done for some noble cause or the other. Charity collections can bring a bright smile on the faces of the needy people and give them a new ray of hope. To raise money for charity makes one feel socially responsible. So everyone wants to have the maximum success with their charity collection. But for getting more collections you will require to draw attention. In this era of marketing visibility is one of the leading criteria for success. In the past workers used to go around with a tin can in hand and ask for help. But those days are gone now you have to be innovative. So you will need to take recourse to some innovative ways to draw money from the people. Let's take a look at some of the innovative ideas whereby you can get success with your charity collection:

Organizing a Sports Event: Sports competitions draw a lot of attention not only among the participants but also among a majority of community members. You can arrange a swimming, basketball, football or volleyball competition based on the popularity for the sport in the locality. If there are some famous players that you are in touch with then you may ask them to be a part of the competitions as this will draw more attention and pull crowds. You may sell promotional products for charities in the stands and collect money. Remember more the number of spectators more will be the earnings.

Arranging a Musical Show: There are a huge number of diehard music lovers all over the world. Rock music instantly draws attention, so if you can get a band of rock stars performing over the weekend then a crowd is sure to turn up. You may order the charity and fundraising suppliers to get custom printed t-shirts and other promotional products for charities and sell them among the enthusiastic crowd.

Setting an Auction Event: If your organization has some rich people who would be glad to give away some of their precious items then auction events are a necessity for you. Artwork, jewelries and other valuable items may be auctioned and sold to the highest bidder (make sure that you make a hefty profit in the bidding process). Some of the promotional products for charities may also be included in the auction to draw extra money. Often when people know it is a charity auction they are prepared to buy the items from the doors of the charity and fundraising suppliers.

Organizing a Fashion Event: Some people just love to keep up with the latest trends in their clothing. So if you organize a fashion show and then charge an entry fee it will surely get you good income. On top of that you may ask some of the models to wear the t-shirts and other clothing carrying the name of the organization. Such promotional products for charities may later be sold to the interested people.

These are a few of the many innovative ideas with which you can turn your charity event a mega success. One of the things you should keep in mind, always is clear about the kind of charity products you want from the charity and fundraising suppliers.