Saturday, April 21, 2012

Paris Hilton's Fortune, How Much is She Worth?

If you are not an individual who has been living under a rock then you won't need any backgroun information about the Hollywood hottie Paris Hilton, who is eminent for being a "femme fatale" rather than a self made star with charismatic acting talents. Though she used to be a role model before stepping into prominence, most people didn't even know her face until her sleazy sex video released . It seemed like she is just another little monster with a lots of money to live up the twisted and reckless life as she wanted.

There exist two kinds of people when it comes down to a matter of celeb exposure. In case of a talentless performer like Paris Hilton, it seemed that the exact cause of her celebrity was the fact she was the Hilton heiress but released that sex video. The other way people find celebrity exposure is by simply being talented and becoming famous. The query arises - how much cash is Paris actually worth, how much has the sex tape earned her, and how much of her cash was made by her (and not simply her families money)? The amount of money Paris and where she made it might in fact suprise some people.

When it comes down to business and money the name of Hilton family tree always gets attached. Before getting the answer to the question how much Paris Hilton worth you must go through the wealth she is going to inherit from Hilton household i.e. her grandfather and her parents as well. Barron Hilton, who is worth more than .3 billion was intending to give the money to his grandchild. As stated by Paris Hilton herself, a will worth 0 million was written for the family and obviously her parents contribution is going to add up to the total family money too.

But the real twist in the play occurred when Barron Hilton announced that he would like to donate 97% of his estate for charity associations which will reduce the money supposed to inherit by Paris Hilton was going to inherit to a mere figure of -3 million US dollars. Well it's quite obvious that would have come as a shock to Paris and with her lifestyle that meagre lump of cash wouldn't have lasted her too long.

So after hearing the truth about what Paris Hilton is actually going to get from her family the amount may disappoint you. But that doesn't really answer the question how much she worth. Well, she is smart enough to use her name and fame to continue the business successfully. Her clothing lines, perfumes, designer dogs and tons of other products are bring an approximate amount of million US dollars to her every year according to the rumors spread online. It also includes the money she gets from her guest appearance in TV shows and singing events. With that level of cash coming in yearly, estimates for her personal wealth are between 0 and 0 million dollars. Even Paris Hilton haters must admit that Paris must have a certain amount of business savvy to create a small business empire from her own name successfully as brand. With such a financial empire built from her celebrity, we really have to reconsider the common perception of Paris as an space cadet and start thinking of her as an astute business woman who manipulates the media to make money.

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